Industries Served


Stephens Electrical has been recognized for their expertise in commercial, electrical, and mechanical construction projects including banks, office buildings, and hotels. Many of our clients become repeat customers because we deliver their projects on-time, within budget, and we pass on cost savings to the owner. View commercial project profiles.


We started out as a one man shop, Stephens A/C Heating & Electrical Inc., working on mostly residential projects, and we’ve not forgotten our beginnings. Over the years we have installed mechanical HVAC systems and wired some of the most prominent custom homes in Central Louisiana. We bring the professional expertise and safety of a commercial and industrial contractor to your custom home or other residential project at very competitive prices.


Due to the nature of the working environment and the complexity of the systems involved, industrial projects require highly skilled personnel with special training and equipment. Our professionals have many years of experience dealing with these special needs, from project management to electricians. Safety and quality are the top priority in every project that we undertake. Our industrial projects include a range of industries and all aspects of plant operations. We provide quality service to industrial facilities throughout Louisiana. View our industrial project profiles.


Schools, colleges, hospitals and other municipal facilities are the key to our society’s success. We are proud to have served as the electrical and/or mechanical contractor for many high profile public and private projects. Our approach to these highly competitive projects provides value by blending high quality installations at a reasonable price. The significant resources sometimes required by these types of projects are well within our capabilities. View our governmental project profiles.